We know the value of the wind, we value it and produce sustainable technologies that put it at the center.

Our Mission

To offer the highest quality and efficient solutions to the end users with the technologies we have developed.

Our Vision

To be an inspiring world brand and to make the transformative power of the sun and wind a source of sustainable life.


Our Brand Story

Humanity and nature are in an endless transformation and motion in evolution. The whistle of eternity, the wind, is one of the most important of our life energies, just like the sun and water.

We know the value of the wind, we value it and we produce sustainable technologies that put it at the center. We wanted Rumi (Mevlana Celaleddin), who is our inspiration, to leave a mark on our brand, and his approach to the world and his perspective on people should be our brand philosophy.

By combining this philosophy with modern science, we are taking fast steps towards becoming a well-established and important global brand.

Our Team

A. Enes Aladaş

Co Founder / CEO

A. Emre Aladaş

Co Founder / CTO

Sercan Tümkaya

Design Advisor

Burak Ertuğrul

Design Leader

Sercan Akın

Production Leader

Şule Özmen

B. Dev. Specialist

The RUMI Route

Revolutionizing smart energy with solar power & IoT.

May 2023


RumiTech completes preliminary work and officially incorporated

August 2023

MVP Tests

Continuing its R&D activities, RumiTech started its first MVP product tests.

November 2023

EIT InnoEnergy

RumiTech, a finalist in the EIT Jumpstarter InnoEnergy category, won the second prize in the final held in Athens.

December 2023

ITU Big Bang Final Stage

RumiTech, which made it to the finals of ITU Big Bang and launched its MVP product on stage, became the most awarded startup.

January 2024

Sabancı ARF Pre-Seed Investment

RumiTech, which took the stage at the finale of the 30-week program, received a $250K investment from SabancıARF.

February 2024

Pim Viveka Demo Day

RumiTech, a finalist in the PIM program organized by Akköy Holding, was deemed worthy of the award.

February 2024

First PoC Installations

In line with the intense demands, RumiTech started the first PoC installations of its first customers.