Smart Cities

At RUMITECH, we believe that the future of urban living lies in the smart integration of technology with daily life. Our IoT solutions for Smart Cities are designed not only to solve today's urban challenges but also to anticipate the needs of tomorrow's urban landscapes.


CAPEX Reduction
From Day1


OPEX Reduction
Per Year


Daily Energy
ProductionPer Pole


Carbon Emission
ReductionPer Pole

The Benefits of Smart Cities with RUMITECH

The solutions we develop optimize city operations, from traffic management to waste collection, ensuring effective use of resources, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact. It enables off-grid operation with smart energy solutions that produce their own energy and are self-sufficient. Just choose your IoT device to integrate and sit back! Enjoy remote management!

Reduce Initial Costs

Since it allows off-grid operation, there is no need for grid energy. For this reason, we reduce your initial investment, excavation and energy&data cabling costs. We offer RoI on Day-1. No license or permit hassle!

Reduce Operational Costs

We eliminate your high energy bills with our solutions that produce their own energy. Your Mission Critical systems are safe and run smoothly 24/7 with Rumi!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Your systems operate safely with completely sustainable energy. In this way, you prevent 5 tons of carbon emissions per year per pole.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Ensure the safety of padestrians in traffic and in the city with our smart lighting solutions that are produced in accordance with standards and are motion-sensitive and/or remotely manageable.

CCTV Security Systems

Integrate your cameras and sensors installed for city security. Enjoy our plug & play system with clean energy IoT Platform, which works compatible with all standard IoT devices.

Wireless Internet Service

Provide citizens with free wireless internet and communication services through integrated WAP, Smallcell and PLTE systems.

Emergency Button

In case of disaster or emergency, continue communication with Rumi, which offers Emergency Button integration for quick access to Law Enforcement Forces, even if there is no grid power.

Information and Guidance Screen

To inform and guide citizens, for example, the arrival time of the bus, provide the energy of the screens to be integrated and manage them remotely.


Charging Station

Use it as a charging station for phones and scooters used in daily life. Use it as a vehicle charging station and reduce the energy consumed from the grid by 60%.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities with Smart Governance Today

By adopting smart governance, we're not just planning for the future; we're actively building it, ensuring that our cities evolve into more efficient, sustainable, and livable environments. Join us in this journey to transform urban spaces into the cities of tomorrow, starting today.

Join the Smart City Revolution