Factories & Industrial Areas

As RumiTech, we believe that smart pole solutions, which are easy to install and do not require grid energy, will open a new page in the industry. We reduce carbon emissions, offer off-grid energy and provide flexibility for different applications.


CAPEX Reduction
From Day1


OPEX Reduction
Per Year


Daily Energy
ProductionPer Pole


Carbon Emission
ReductionPer Pole

The Benefits of RUMITECH in
Factories & Industrial Areas

Factories, industrial areas and industrial zones are the areas where energy is needed the most. It is quite difficult and costly to install poles for outdoor IoT devices and smart lighting in these areas. Excavating and cabling in areas where production is actively ongoing may cause operations to be stopped.

With each Rumi you install, you reduce your carbon emissions, reduce initial investment costs, and run your different IoT systems off-grid. If you want, you can reduce your bills and energy expenses by giving the energy you produce to the grid.

Reduce Initial Costs

Since it allows off-grid operation, there is no need for grid energy. For this reason, we reduce your initial investment, excavation and energy&data cabling costs. We offer RoI on Day-1. No license or permit hassle!

Reduce Operational Costs

We eliminate your high energy bills with our solutions that produce their own energy. Your Mission Critical systems are safe and run smoothly 24/7 with Rumi!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Your systems operate safely with completely sustainable energy. In this way, you prevent 5 tons of carbon emissions per year per pole.

Smart Lighting Solutions

You can illuminate your industrial areas with standard-compliant LED systems with our smart lighting solutions that comply with standards, are motion-sensitive and/or can be managed remotely.

CCTV Security Systems

Integrate your installed cameras and sensors for the security of your production and industrial areas. Enjoy our clean energy IoT Platform plug-and-play system that is compatible with all standard IoT devices.

Wireless Internet Service

Through integrated WAP, Smallcell and PLTE systems, install and operate your handheld terminal and wireless communication solutions off-grid without the need for additional investment.

Emergency Button

In case of disaster or emergency, continue communication with Rumi, which offers Emergency Button integration for quick access to Law Enforcement Forces, even if there is no grid power.


Charging Station

Use it as a charging station for the autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles you use in your factory, and enjoy clean energy!

Discover Industry 4.0 Transformation And Sustainability With Us.

We know the challenges and flexible energy needs in production areas. We are here to contribute to making your factories and industrial areas sustainable, low-carbon emission, manageable and to accompany your Industry 4.0 transformation.

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